VX Vineyard is located

in the Willamette Valley, just outside Newberg, Ore. Our 10-acre vineyard, planted mainly in Pinot Noir grapes, is situated on the highest point of our 210-acre farm, Willamette Farms. The site has proven to be the perfect location for growing high-quality Pinot grapes. Planted in 2000 in a former trellised apple orchard, the site features perfectly arrayed, north-south directional rows of Pinot Noir grapes using a "double curtain" arrangement; the vines grow on both sides of a row. Since our first vintage in 2003, we have produced small quantities of high-quality Pinot Noir wine using only grapes from our vineyard.

The vineyard and farm have been owned by the Hall family since 1959. In January 2009, the farm and vineyard were purchased by the children of founder, Bruce Hall.

Wine inspired by Vercingetorix

Our wines are labeled "Vercingetorix" or "VX" for short. The name is derived from a Gallic hero, Vercingetorix, who became chieftain under the threat of Roman invasion. Vercingetorix united the clans of Burgundy against Caesar and the Roman legions.

Vercingetorix adopted a "scorched earth" policy against the Romans, which preserved only the precious vineyards of Burgundy and the main settlement Averticum. To this day, Vercingetorix is honored by Burgundians for his bravery and the preservation of the noble Pinot Noir grape.

We continue to honor his name at our vineyard, by producing small quantities of high-quality Burgundian-style pinot wines.

Tasting Room Hours

Our tasting room is permanently closed.

Our wines are only available at select retail locations.