About Our Winemakers

Kelly Kidneigh (VX Pinot Gris)
Born and raised in the fresh mountain air of the Colorado Rockies, Kelly moved to the west coast to explore her passions. Working in a restaurant to pay the bills, wine became a natural focus of her food centered world and off to Oregon she went to explore the exciting cool climate of the Willamette Valley. A who’s who of wineries gave her the chance to learn the craft from the ground up. Starting in the vineyards of WillaKenzie in ’98, she soon found herself in the cellars of Eyrie, Tori Mor, Lemelson, Tyee, Left Coast and 12th&Maple. A degree in Food Science with a Fermentation Science focus coupled with a vintage in Burgundy complimented her work experience and she was well on her way in her pursuit to unlocking the holy grail of wines, Pinot Noir. Kelly makes wines now for a handful of boutique brands including VX Vineyard, Dukes Family Vineyard, Trout Lily Ranch, Huntington Hill Vineyard and Mad Violets.

John Grochau (Cuvees and Pinot Blanc)
Grochau Cellars is the project and passion of John Grochau, and his wife Kerri. John has been fortunate enough to learn the trade from some of the Willamette Valley’s finest winemakers. From the pioneering cellars and large-scale work of Erath Winery to four years as Doug Tunnel’s assistant at the esteemed Brick House Wines, John has logged the numerous hours of careful attention, expert advice and forklift skills necessary to risk his own money on his own undertaking. John makes our Pinot Noir and Pinot Blanc wines.

Tasting Room Hours

Our tasting room is permanently closed.

Our wines are only available at select retail locations.